NEW - Sensory Floor Decals for Kids!

If you’re looking for something to entertain your kids (and get them moving!), these decals are for you!  
They can be used in your home, at school and daycares, waiting rooms, malls and so many more places. 

We are excited to share these as we have found a way to make them affordable for all. 

Sensory Path Decal Sticker Canada USA

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Benefits of Sensory Paths?

Sensory Paths are amazing for children development.  A few key benefits: 

  • Works Gross Motor Skills – Balance, Movement, etc.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination and Spatial Awareness
  • Helps with Sensory Processing Issues & Sensitivities 
  • Get Kids to Move More, Expel Some Energy and Increase Muscle Tone
  • Helps them focus and remain calm 

Questions & Answers:

Please view our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) here. 


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