Sensory Activity Cube

Get your kids moving with our Sensory Activity Cube
Movement helps your child process emotions, release any stress and anxiety they may feel.  Our Sensory Activity Cube is also great to practice gross motor skills and will provide great sensory input for your child.  

You can use the activity cube indoor or outdoor.  We love that kids of all ages can play this game. 

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Jumbo Tracing Book for Toddlers & Preschoolers

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1 – Get our FREE printable & print the PDF. (link will follow below)

2 – Cut the form (solid lines) and fold the dotted lines.

3 – Apply glue where indicated and fold together, one flap at a time.  You can also use tape.

4 – Time to play!  Simply roll the dice and have your child act out the activity shown.


Ready to play?  Get your FREE Sensory Activity Cube Printable here