DIY Edible Play Sand

We love any edible taste safe sensory play ideas!  And this one is no exception.  This edible play sand is SO EASY to make, it will blow your mind – without blowing your budget.  You can literally make it under a few minutes.  YES PLEASE! 

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What you'll need to make the edible sand:

– Cereal (we used Cheerios)
– A food processor (you can use any type of blender you have – even a magic bullet could work!)
– A bin 

Step 1 – Grab some cereal!  Any cereal can do but keep in mind – the higher the sugar amount, the more sticky it will be!   Depending on the size of your bin – you may need a full box or more.

Step 2 – Grind the cereal until it’s very fine.  Here we used a small food processor/chopper.  

Step 3 – Pour the edible sand in a clean bin for your child to play!  Add some toys they enjoy, some kitchen tools & accessories.

Afraid of a mess?